Can you predict how the results will be spun?

Can you predict how the results will be spun?

    Prize competition for the most amusing parody

In addition to the election forecast competition I thought I’d do something different. What are we all going to be saying tomorrow morning? What will be the approach that prominent PBC posters will be taking.

Now I hope that the following site regulars do not mind but they have all got their own distinctive styles and have been posting here for a long time. So how will they try to explain what the voters of Ealing Southall and Sedgefield have done – on the assumtion that things have gone against their own party allegiances.

Thus can you predict what would Roger be writing if it’s been bad for Labour or how will Rick W seek to explain a Tory inability to make any progress.

Please submit entries on the thread below based on one or more of these site regulars:-

  • Rick W
  • SeanT
  • Nick Palmer MP
  • Roger
  • Icarus
  • JackW
  • Please uise your usual PBC name when entering and state which of the six you have decided to parady. Entries will close when the first result is known and the real spinning will start. There will be a prize for the most amusing entry as judged by me at my total discretion.

    Mike Smithson

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