PBC By-Election Competition: the predictions

PBC By-Election Competition: the predictions


Who’ll have the most to smile about once the results are declared?

With 74 entries received before the competition closed, the breakdowns are as follows:


Predicted to win: Labour 70, Lib Dems 4, Conservatives 0

Average vote shares: Lab 45.8, LD 27.2, Con 16.0


Predicted to win: Labour 54, Conservatives 10, Lib Dems 10

Average vote shares: Lab 35.3, LD 29.0, Con 26.8

JohnLoony average: 238 votes

The full listing of entries is available here:

By-Election Predictions

If you don’t have Excel, these links may be helpful:



Finally, the latest from the betting markets is here.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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