The PBC Sedgefield & Southall Prediction Competition

The PBC Sedgefield & Southall Prediction Competition

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Can you predict the outcome in the two by-elections?

For the first time, a pbc prediction competition will be by “secret ballot” – simply download the spreadsheet below, save it to your desktop or similar location, make your predictions, and email it back as an attachment to a dedicated email address,

Do not post your predictions in this thread, as they will not be entered into the competition.

The standard scoring system will apply, ie the combined sum of your differences between your predictions and the actual results, with the lowest overall score being the winner, and there is also a tie-breaker to complete.

The competition closes at 9pm Wednesday – please remember to include your name with your entry.

Once all the entries are in, I will publish the overall predictions, and also make available a spreadsheet of individual predictions, so that everyone can see the range of entries.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

Paul Maggs runs The Election Game – click on the logo to email for more information.


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