Could this man be London’s next Mayor?

Could this man be London’s next Mayor?


    Would he have a chance of beating Ken?

While everybody has been focussed on Gordon’s first PMQs the other political story that’s developing is a suggestion that Boris Johnson could be the Tory candidate for Mayor of London.

According to BBC Online the suggestion follows the abortive attempt to engage the ex-BBC Director General Greg Dyke.

    Clearly who ever it is has to be a big character if the Tories are to have any chance of ending Ken Livingstyone’s eight year reign.

The problem the party has got is that at the 2000 and 2004 elections for Mayor a large number of those who voted Tory for the London Assembly on the same day switched to Livingstone in the mayoral race. Cameron needs a candidate who can stop that happening.

Mike Smithson

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