Brown vs Cameron – the first PMQs

Brown vs Cameron – the first PMQs


    Everyone says PMQs don’t matter…..but?

Just two days short of nineteen months after he became leader of the Tory party David Cameron faces Gordon Brown in the Commons at noon for their first PMQs. The sense of occasion is slightly less because of the exchanges yesterday on the constitutional changes.

This is probably much more important for Cameron rather than Brown for, inevitably, governments can to a large extent set the news agenda. With the opinion polls taking a bit of the gloss Cameron’s leadership he needs to be very sure-footed today and get the tone right.

Brown needs to avoid getting rattled. Yesterday he appeared to be adopting a quieter less combative style although he appeared a bit flummoxed when he stood to respond to Cameron and stuttered a bit.

Also under scrutiny today will be Ming following the reports of pressure on his leadership.

It starts at midday.

Mike Smithson

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