So is Labour winning the expectation war?

So is Labour winning the expectation war?

    The election thread – part 3

With the BBC national vote share projection showing CON 41%: LAB 27%: LD 26% there’s little doubt that the party that has done better than expectation is Labour. The talk of an electoral “meltdown” has been somewhat premature.

Yet there is still a long way to go before we see the full results from yesterday’s and today should be very exciting.

    The stories about electronic counting and the number of ballot papers declared void might take the edge of any survival glow that might attract to Brown-Blair’s party.

In Bedford where I was working yesterday we had two votes going on – one for the council where voters put a cross against the person of their choice and those for the elected mayor when they had to write “1, 2”.

What a recipe for confusion?

This thread will be replaced by another as soon as it gets too long.

Mike Smithson

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