Who’ll stand aside – Meacher or McDonnell?

Who’ll stand aside – Meacher or McDonnell?


The main development in the Labour leadership this morning is the above story about a possible deal between the rival left-wing candidates, Michael Meacher and John McDonnell that only one of them would stand in the coming contest.

For punters the question is which. For whoever it is then the chances are that that person will get the nominations and be in a position to challenge. Almost certainly the agreed candidate would see a tightening of their price and that means there might be a profit opportunity.

Currently Meacher is at 199/1 and McDonnell is at 249/1. This is hard to read but McDonnell has been in the race for much longer and, unlike Meacher, did oppose the Iraq war.

No doubt we will know soon.

What do you think?

Would McDonnell and Meacher working together be able to rustle up 44 nominations to challenge Gordon?
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Mike Smithson

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