The Sundays on the “honours gag”

The Sundays on the “honours gag”

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    Is Ming right about the implications of the latest developments?

As expected the Sunday papers provide a lot more information about the gag that was placed on BBC news on Friday night following its plans to cover a “new development” in the cash for honours probe that has now been going on for a year.

Reproduced above is the coverage from the News of the World web-site which quotes a Crown Prosecution Service source who is reported to have said: “We believe the leaks are coming from government sources who are trying to disrupt the inquiry.”

The Sunday Telegraph notes that “Detectives were believed to have become alarmed that disclosures from the BBC could have alerted a suspect to a key line of questioning. When the Prime Minister was questioned for a second time in January, a news black-out was put on the interview for similar reasons.”

One major political figure to have commented on the development is the Lib Dem MP and prominent lawyer, Ming Campbell. He is quoted as saying “the inference of Lord Goldsmith’s actions was that he at least contemplates the possibility that a prosecution of some kind will follow.”

    My only thought about how this might affect the “Blair leaving date” betting is that it could complicate the transition plan. Clearly Blair would not want to step down in circumstances that could suggest his departure his linked to the inquiry.

Maybe further developments, like, charges, could put back the exit time-table. It’s a suggestion and needs to be factored into considerations.

Mike Smithson

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