Hillary formally joins the race

Hillary formally joins the race

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    Is it now just between her and Obama?

Just five days after the black senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, announced that he was taking the first formal steps to run for the presidency in 2006 Hillary Rodham Clinton has this afternoon made the same move.

This is how the Betfair betting exchange prices look for the Democratic nomination:

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The big question for punters is whether any of the other candidates has a chance against the two high profile front runners? At this stage the crucial factor is fund-raising and with all the attention on Hillary and Barrack it might prove challenging for any of the others to get the support that a campaign of this nature requires.

On the polling front Zogby is reporting a boost for the Obama camp in New Hampshire – the state where traditionally the first primary takes place. The survey has Obama on 23% with Clinton and Edwards both on 19%.

There is a year to go before that primary takes place and a lot can happen in the intervening period.

Mike Smithson

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