Will Senate punters have to wait for three weeks?

Will Senate punters have to wait for three weeks?

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    ABC News says a Virginia recount would have to wait until after Nov 27

With control of the Senate down to whether Jim Webb has taken the Virginian Senate seat from George Allen a report on ABC News tonight suggests that things are not going to be settled quickly.

This is what their website is saying “A win in Virginia would squeeze out a 51-49 Senate majority for the Democrats. Without it, the chamber would split 50-50 and Vice President Dick Cheney in his constitutional role as president of the Senate could give Republicans the extra vote they need to retain control..There are no automatic recounts in Virginia, but state law allows a candidate who finishes within a half-percentage point to request a recount paid for by state and local governments. With a margin greater than that, but less than 1 percentage point, the trailing candidate can still seek a recount, but must pay the costs if the results are unchanged. Either way, a recount could not begin until after the State Board of Elections certifies the results on Nov. 27. The losing candidate has 10 days after that to request a recount.

If this is correct then it is going to be the end of the month before we know what the overall outcome of the battle for Senate has been. It still hangs in the balance.

My guess is that this will give Betfair the time to reflect on the issue of the two independents – Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders. It also means that the betting is likely to continue.

So punters who are tempted into this market are risking money on how they think Betfair will settle the market. This seems fairly dangerous.

Mike Smithson

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