Will Betfair count these two as Democrats?

Will Betfair count these two as Democrats?


    Money piles on as the uncertainty continues

A major row is going on over how Betfair are going to settle their market on whether the Democrats or the Republicans won most seats in yesterday’s election for the US senate.

At issue are the positions of two men – Joseph Lieberman and Bernie Sanders – neither of whom won on the Democrat ticket.

Lieberman won re-election as the “Connecticut For Lieberman” party candidate – an independent political party he created after losing the 2006 Democratic primary election to Ned Lamont. He has said he will sit as part of the Democratic Senate caucus in the upcoming 110th Congress.

Sanders won yesterday in Vermont as an independent but will caucus with the Democrats and it is said will be counted as a Democrat for the purposes of committee assignments.

The problem that Betfair will have to resolve is that neither ran as a Democrat although they will be attached to the Democrats in the Upper House.

To add to the complication Nick Palmer, MP, posted this on the previous thread at 1.34pm – “I have it in writing from Betfair that they will count the two independents as Democrats. (I asked them a month or two ago before I put a tenner on.) If you have opposite advice in writing, they should be embarrassed!”.

This is a very tricky one because money continues to go on both sides of the argument by the minute. Over to you Betfair. sometimes you have got to earn that 5% commission on winnings that you charge us.

Mike Smithson

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