Can we get back to old-style PB.C discussions?

Can we get back to old-style PB.C discussions?

    Do we need to have active moderation?

mike with margin.jpgA few days I was round the pub with three fellow Lib Dems who I would describe as serious activists. These are the sort of guys who at election times think nothing of commuting 200-300 miles a day to help in seats where they believe they can make a difference.

After we had got the first round in one of the group opened by saying “Come on guys – when is the Cameron bubble going to burst?”. Quick as a flash to general amusement came the response “…about half way through his second term”.

We then went on to an enjoyable half hour during which we speculated on every possible outcome. As I recall our conclusion was that Cameron would lead a Tory minority government for 2-3 years without any deal with any other party. He would propose liberal type policies and dare the slightly reduced Lib Dem contingent of MPs to vote him down. Cameron would then go to the country and win an absolute majority.

It struck me afterwards that many non-Lib Dems who contribute on the site could have been part of that conversation and added to every body’s enjoyment. It also struck that this is how PB.C used to be and that we have lost something.

    Can I ask that we all make an effort to get back to the original spirit of the site which as about being a place where people of all allegiances could discuss political and electoral outcomes without abusing each other.

We have open access publishing which is something I want to stick with. My problem is that I work during the daytime rarely have the time to monitor the site on weekdays. As we try to restore to the original spirit can I ask that you email me if contributors are going over the top.

Also is there anybody out there who could act act as a moderator?


Mike Smithson

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