YouGov says the “leak” was wrong

YouGov says the “leak” was wrong

    But Times husting survey has Huhne ahead

I have just recieved the following email from Peter Kellner, the head of YouGov.


In common with other polling organisations, YouGov has a strict policy of not commenting on purported leaks of private surveys.

However, on this occasion, I have been authorised by our client to say that all the figures that you, and Guido Fawkes, attributed yesterday to our recent poll of Lib Dem members are wrong.

In order to prevent this descending into a silly game in which people guess other numbers and seek a reaction from YouGov, I should add that this is the only comment I shall make on the survey unless authorised by our client.



    The raises the question of why whoever commissioned the survey is holding onto the figures? For the real data clearly does not help their man.

The Times this morning carries the following which although not a poll is nevertheless interesting.

The Times spoke to 174 Lib Dems and asked how they intended to vote. Three were removed from the sample: two because they were attached to candidates’ campaign teams and a third who was not a party member. Of the remaining 171 members, 52 (30.5 per cent) said that their first preference votes would go to Chris Huhne, 42 (24.5 per cent) to Sir Menzies Campbell and 32 (19 per cent) to Simon Hughes. The remaining 45, or 26 per cent, were undecided

Mike Smithson

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