WANTED – Another David Blunkett Market

WANTED – Another David Blunkett Market


    Will he be promoted, sacked or just remain in his current job?

It’s been a profitable twelve months for punters betting on David Blunkett – the former Home Secretary who resigned in December during the Kimberley Quinn paternity saga and then was invited by Tony Blair to return to the Cabinet as Pension Secretary just five months later.

On December 1st we said bet at 7/2 against Blunkett having to step down before the end of the year. Then on Christmas Day we said take the 5/1 then available against Blunkett returning to the Cabinet during 2005. Again PB.C users got some good winnings at what turned out to be a very nice price.

Now David Blunkett is back in the news again only days, it seems, after the reports suggesting that Tony Blair is thinking of putting him back at his old job as Home Secretary.

  • The row over his actions on his son’s exam continues to simmer. What could be tricky is that the allegation here is that like in the Kimberely case he sought to use his public position for private purposes.
  • The former head of Scotland Yard, Lord Stevens, described him as “duplicitous and intimidating”
  • The Observer releases a recording of December’s “Kimberley mesmerising Budd” conversation which was apparently made but offically denied.
  • So in the next few months just about anything could happen. The current problems could simmer on and then get out of hand; Tony Blair could give him his old job back; or he just ploughs on as Pension Secretary.

      So come on the bookies – what about a new Blunkett market on the three possible outcomes? Unlike the December bets this one is quite hard to call

    In the betting for Labour’s next deputy leader Blunkett is 7/2 favourite while he is 45/1 to be next Labour leader.

    Mike Smithson

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