Follow “Wat Tyler” for the best Tory form guide

Follow “Wat Tyler” for the best Tory form guide

    Who is David Davis’s web cheer-leader attacking today?

Punters wanting to find out which contender members of the Davis Davis team consider to be the greatest current threat should go to the blog of the Shadow Home Secretary’s internet cheer-leader and the comments on this site by the man behind it and who uses the alias Wat Tyler – of Peasant’s Revolt fame.

For almost every day visitors to his site are treated to fierce, biting and usually amusing attacks on the contender, one assumes, who is seen as the biggest current threat – after all you don’t kick a dead dog. In addition “Wat Tyler” adds considerably to the colour of PB.C’s discussion forms with regular “revelations”.

  • Over the weekend Wat was – helpfully of course – giving us the web-link to a page setting out all Ken Clarke’s financial interests.
  • Then we had a little discussion about the cost of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group’s annual bash at which Wat reminded us involved Ken Clarke. Again Wat provided web-link showing how much was contributed by various beer interests.
  • Another comment about Davis’s “hair” led to Wat noting..“Much more interesting, I think, is the widespread and sometimes fairly ludicrous use of home hair dye. Always boot polish black, and always vehemently denied. Now…which of the leadership contenders does that I wonder?
  • David Cameron gets the treatment too with Wat reminding visitors to his blog of the Shadow Home Secretary’s comments on binge drinking and noting the drinks interests of a company that DC has been linked with
  • Judging by the recent focus on Ken Clarke then the current 11/1 might be worth a punt.

    Wat is watching the betting very closely and asked recently where I was getting information on the “last price traded” on the Betfair betting exchange. So for Wat and others all you need to do is to go into the Betfair trading screen and click the name of the contender you want information on. Up comes a pop-up with lots of data on the betting including the “last price matched” which we think is a good guide to market movements.

    And the real Wat Tyler? Well in 1381 he had, to say the least, a sticky end as this contemporary account records. Even David Davis’s worst enemies would not wish that on him – surely not?

    Mike Smithson

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