Does publicity about your sex life win or lose votes?

Does publicity about your sex life win or lose votes?

    Will Boris and Blunkett be punished for the Spectator affairs?

Two new seat markets just out feature the two front benchers – David Blunkett and Boris Johnson – who resigned their positions in the wake of huge press coverage about their private lives.

Interestingly both resignations were linked to the right-wing magazine, the Spectator. Boris is of course the editor and David Blunkett had an affair with the journal’s publisher.

For Henley Skybet are offering 2/7 on Johnson’s majority increasing and 5/2 on it decreasing. Boris’s figures from four years ago were:- CON 46.09%: LD 27.04%: LAB 21.10%

Sky Bet are offering 1/3 on Blunkett’s majority in Sheffield Brightside decreasing and 9/4 against it increasing. This is what happened last time. LAB 76.90%: CON 10.18%: LD 8.76%

We think that the bookmaker has it right in both seats although there could be a serious LD challenge in Henley.

General Election odds round-up.

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