Is something happening with Osama?

Is something happening with Osama?


    The money piles on an early capture

There been a lot of activity on the Tradesports market on Osama Bin Laden being found by the end of the year and it is now listed as the betting exchange’s fifth most traded contract. It comes after the White House race itself and three NFL matches.

The price has tightened in the past day to less than 6/1 on him being “neutralised”. The lay price has also gone up to 15/2. The other Osama market linked to Bush being re-elected has remained static – though he would have to be found by a week on Tuesday and Bush to win for you to collect. Even so the price is 12/1.

Is this in response to punters thinking that something might happen before the election? Is it in response to a rumour? Or is there some specific information? We do not know.

The Iowa and Tradesports prices have moved to Kerry. The UK price is static.

  • Iowa exchange Kerry 42.2 – Bush 57.8. A half point move to Kerry.
  • Tradesports bettting exchange Bush 58 Kerry 42. This is a two point move back to Kerry.
  • UK prices Bush 8/15 Kerry 8/5. No change.
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