Hartlepool betting moves back to Labour

Hartlepool betting moves back to Labour

There’s been a big move back to Labour in the Hartlepool markets with William Hill coming back in at a price of 1/6. The Lib Dems are at 7/2.

The Betfair betting exchange has responded in the same fashion although the current Labour price is slightly better value at about 1/4. It’s a fairly light market with just £1,600 being matched between 9am and 6pm. It could be that just one or two punters are forcing the price down and there’s little doubt that William Hill’s 1/6 on Labour has had an impact.

The General Election spread markets, meanwhile, have responded to yesterday’s opinion poll reversals for Labour – one of which had them in third place.

LAB 337-345 (-3): CON 212-220 (+2): LIBD 68-72 (+1)

IG Index have marked Labour down even lower and the sell price is just 9 seats above the party losing its overall majority. It’s spreads are:-

LAB 333-341: CON 212-220: LIBD 68-72

From the mid-points it seems that IG are operating on a smaller new House of Commons than SportingIndex. If you want to sell Labour go with SportingIndex – if you want to buy go with IG.

We suggest waiting until after the Hartlepool result.

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