Lib Dems the betting favourite for Leicester South

Lib Dems the betting favourite for Leicester South

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    Will this be the scene a week on Thursday?

At last – betting has now started on the Leicester South by-election and the current prices, from William Hill, are almost exactly in line with what predicted here last Saturday.

The market, together with one for the other by-election on July 15 at Birmigham Hodge Hill will be available online later today. The current Leicester South prices are:-

LIBD 6/5 down from 11/8 after a £1,000 bet yesterday morning
LAB 6/4 having moved out from 11/8
CON 11/4

Our prediction last weekend of the chances of winning was LIBD 45%: LAB 30%: CON 25%. If the betting markets are right this would be a sensational result for the Lib Dems moving from third place, with just 17% of the vote, to overtake the Tories, who were in second place at the General Election, to take what was a Labour stronghold.

    But this is still a very tight race and any one of the three main parties could end up victors.
  • The Conservatives have been given a big boost by the surprising decision of the United Kingdon Party not to field a candidate so there will be no repetition of the Euro elections where a huge proportion of Tory votes were syphoned off.
  • Labour might lose crucial votes to Respect – George Galloway’s new party that on June 10 showed that it could hurt Tony Blair in areas like Leicester South where there are large Muslim communities.
  • Number crunching on last months’s Euro results by the commentator, Anthony Wells shows that Labour won easily in Leicster South on June 10.
  • Although there is still a week and a half to go our CALL is BACK the Lib Dems at 6/5 but not any lower than that. Last Saturday we suggested that they had a 45% chance because of their strong local government base – they were top party in the local elections in the constituency in 2003 – and their huge expertise in winning by-elections. The victory in Brent East last autumn showed what they could do in a strong Labour seat.

    In the other by-election on July 15 at Birmingham Hodge Hill William Hill are quoting:-

    LAB 8/13
    LIBD 11/8
    CON 10/1

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