Is 81 year-old Biden really going to run again?

Is 81 year-old Biden really going to run again?

One of the big questions in American politics at the moment is whether Joe Biden is going to seek a second term?

Normally you would expect the winner of the presidential election four years earlier to seek to try to gain a second term but we are talking here about someone who will be 82 next November.

It is said that Biden’s wife is keen that her husband does try for a second term and all the signs are that he will continue operating as though he is planning on this approach.

Trump is 78 in June so it is entirely possible that WH2024 could be between two very old men who have both had the job before.

There have been indications that the one factor that could cause Biden to decide to try to carry on is that Trump looks set to be the Republican nominee. He thinks that he could beat him again. I think that this is correct.

Mike Smithson

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