There is just a logic in Sunak’s green gamble

There is just a logic in Sunak’s green gamble

Given how far behind the Tories are in the polls there is some sense in Sunak’s announcement that he intends to scrap many of the key environmental targets that have been settled policy for several years.

Firstly he gets a lot of public attention as we see from today’s front pages. Secondly what he’s putting forward is quite novel and extremely controversial.

There’s already been a fair amount of criticism from Boris Johnson and team who were responsible for the original agreements on the green targets and being attacked by the former Tory Prime Minister might be no bad thing.

Large parts of industry which have been operating on the basis of the green targets coming in and he’s likely to come under massive fire with suggestions that many jobs could be at risk. Huge amounts of money have been invested on the basis that the green changes would be coming into effect.

There is also likely to be international condemnation but that could be seen as a plus for the current occupant of Number 10.

This looks set to be the defining act of Sunak’s premiership. It also looks like a massive mistake that will be held against him for as long as he remains in politics

Mike Smithson

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