The Pension Triple lock abolition looks brave

The Pension Triple lock abolition looks brave

Oldies are most likely to be affected

Those of us who have been following politics for some time will remember how important a policy the pension triple lock was at GE2010. This ensures that the state pension rises each year in accordance with prices, earnings or 2.5% which ever is the highest.

Based on current trends as the Express is reporting that pensioners should be getting an 8.5% uplift this year. That does not now look likely if the reports are correct.

Sunak has a record of not following the formula. When he was Chancellor just after the pandemic the change in earnings was very considerable because of the way that that impacted and this was sidelined.

The big problem for the Tories here is because of their reliance on the old vote. Alienating what is a large segment of your voting base might not be smart.

Also does he want to be fighting the Express and the Mail?

Mike Smithson

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