Electric cars – are they worth the hassle?

Electric cars – are they worth the hassle?

A couple of days ago I was driving North up the M6 when we stopped at a service station. The car pictured above was was being charged as we arrived and was still being charged when we left after about half an hour.

It struck me that having to go through this process once or twice on a trip was an enormous hassle.

I remember a conversation with a guy who provided services for the electrical power industry who declared that what he was looking forward to most on his retirement was buying a petrol driven car to replace the EV supplied by his firm. He was just sick of all the constraints of EV motoring.

A big factor in deciding to go electric is having a driveway at home where you can park and charge your car. It is very difficult having a trailing wire going across the pavement.

Mike Smithson

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