This from Today’s FT should really worry Rishi

This from Today’s FT should really worry Rishi

The Tories paying the price for Brexit?

We are so used to the Tories being the party that attracts big private donations that makes this political development stand out. It is a huge win for Starmer not just for the campaign cash that his party is getting but for the source and the reasons.

The FT report notes that the big driver of this donation was Brexit and the Tories must hope that this is not the start of a pattern.

For although Starmer remains ambivalent on Brexit there is little doubt that Brext has not gone down well with those industrialists who are able to make million-pound political donations.

For Labour this is more than just a large sum of money but an indication that their support base is much wider than it was when Corbyn was leader.

Mike Smithson

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