Could this be the end of Biden’s WH2024 bid?

Could this be the end of Biden’s WH2024 bid?


As he tumbles so does his betting price

The one thing that the Democrats have been most worried about is an event like the one featured in the video clip above – Joe Biden taking a tumble at a very public event with the cameras running.

For the big question over the 80 year old’s desire to be re-elected has always been his age and undoubtedly the clip above will feature strongly if he does, as planned seek to remain in the race. Trump for one is going to relish it as will whoever gets the GOP nomination.

As can be seen from the betting chart above his WH2024 nomination price has slipped in direct response to the development. As to the overall WH2024 outcome, Biden has now edged down to a 37% chance from 40%.

Biden himself is a very accomplished political operator and only yesterday was celebrating his effort to see off the GOP debt limit threat.

If he wants to continue I’m sure he will stay in the race for the nomination and I doubt whether it would be used by Democratic party hopefuls.

Mike Smithson

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