The HomeSec saga is now a test of Sunak’s authority

The HomeSec saga is now a test of Sunak’s authority


It is becoming harder to see how the Home Secretary survives in her position following the revelations about her efforts to avoid a speeding ticket.

The standard thing for drivers who are caught going over the limit is for them to either face a fine and three points on their licence or attend a special session on the dangers of going too fast. It is alleged that Braverman tried to get civil servants on her team to press for her to be allowed to attend a course on her own. She ended up paying the fine.

Under the headline “Sunak under pressure to launch ethics inquiry over Braverman speeding row” the Guardian is reporting that Number 10 is trying to distance itself from the affair. It reports:

One senior Tory source said there was “no appetite” in No 10 to defend the home secretary. “It’s a totally unforced error,” they added. Downing Street insiders even suggested they were content with Braverman “blowing herself up”, but said there was not yet an appetite to make an overt move against her.

Those who have been following politics for years will recall how senior LD MP Chris Huhne sought to avoid a ticket by stating that his wife was driving. That ended with both of them going to prison.

One thing is for sure – Rishy has to decide whether to back Barverman or not. There are problems with whatever he does.

Mike Smithson

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