Could Sunak’s Tories really win a fifth term?

Could Sunak’s Tories really win a fifth term?

The above podcast came out yesterday and the polling in it looks interesting and should be of some concern to Labour particularly the comments in relation to Starmer. Already the blue attack machine is trying to get its teeth into him.

Remember that the way the Tories win general elections is by attacking and undermining the LAB leader. Just ask EdM. Last time this was easier because of Corbyn.

One thing that should be noted is that Labour needs to make 123 seats gains in order to secure a majority. That is a massive target and to put it into context Tony Blair’s LAB made 146 seat gains at GE1997.

My own view has been that LAB could fall short of that but Starmer could become PM with the support of other parties.

Mike Smithson

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