Well done Gavin Williamson

Well done Gavin Williamson

The headline I thought I’d never write

One of the big political stories of the week has been the series of YouTube interviews commissioned by the campaign group Led led Donkeys into the reaction of a senior Conservatives to a suggestion that they might like to work for a Korean Consulting firm as part of its European advisory board

The aim of the interviews has been to establish what sort of price they will be seeking to have a role with the company and the best one so far has been with Matt Hancock the former Health Secretary who demanded £10,000 a day.

The company of course does not exist and the whole process was done to establish how willing senior Conservatives are to accept such a proposal

The video clip I have chosen for insertion into this post is the interview with the former chief whip Gavin Williamson who to his great credit saw through the whole process and cut off the interview without making any damaging comments. The contrast with how some other fellow senior Tories reacted is very striking.

Mike Smithson

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