Will CON MPs back a suspension move on Johnson?

Will CON MPs back a suspension move on Johnson?


Could Uxbridge be the next by-election?

The above betting market on whether there will be an Uxbridge by-election is just about the one place at the moment where you can take a punt on Boris Johnson’s political future. He of course is the sitting MP here.

We are getting very close to the point where the Commons Privileges committee which is looking at some of the statements that Johnson made on lockdown issues it’s final report and recommendation.

The committee has a Tory majority but is chaired by the senior Labour figure Harriet Harman. What we have seen so far does not look good for the former prime minister and the question now is what will it recommend. If that is suspension.for Johnson how will Tory MPs react?

If Johnson is suspended as an MP then there could be a recall petition amongst voters in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency which could lead to a by-election.

My guess is that Sunak would not be unhappy with this.

Mike Smithson

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