Starmer gets the best Ipsos ratings – Truss the worst

Starmer gets the best Ipsos ratings – Truss the worst

Keir Starmer is seen most favourably, with 32% favourable and 39% unfavourable he achieves a Net score of -7. In comparison, the current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is seen favourably by 27% of Britons while 46% disagree, giving a score of -19.  Starmer’s numbers are unchanged from January but Rishi Sunak has seen falling scores (January: 30% favourable and 39% unfavourable).

A similar number of the public are favourable towards Boris Johnson as Rishi Sunak (28% vs 27%). However, with 52% unfavourable to the former PM, his overall net favourability rating is lower at -24.

Looking at specifically at their own voters, Boris Johnson is seen slightly more favourably than Rishi Sunak. More than half of 2019 Conservative voters are favourable to Johnson (55%) while 49% say the same for Sunak. Overall, among 2019 Conservative voters, Johnson scores +29 while Sunak scores +23.  However, Johnson’s lead owes more to falling ratings for Mr Sunak rather than improving ratings for the former PM.

Liz Truss sees the worst favourability rating of the politicians on the Ipsos list with the public overall. Only 1 in 10 (9%) are favourable and 71% unfavourable meaning she has a net score of -62, significantly lower than other politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn (-36), Suella Braverman (-33), Jeremy Hunt (-28) and Theresa May (-27%). 

Mike Smithson

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