How does Sunak cope with both Truss and Johnson?

How does Sunak cope with both Truss and Johnson?

A huge problem for Sunak as he contemplates the way forward is that the previous two Tory leaders are still very active in the party and want to have an impact on the future

Truss has now re-emerged with her own policy agenda in which she seeks to change the philosophical approach of the Tory Party. Johnson has made no secret of the fact that he wants his old job back and that he’s waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

What is becoming clear is that the aftermath of the local elections in the first week of May could be quite crucial particularly if the Tories do as badly as all the current predictions.

Most of the seats that will be up in May were last fought in 2019 which was not a good year for the Tory Party. But it was doing far far better in the polls then than the terrible ratings at the moment.

Unless there is a change in the direction of opinion in the next 3 months then it is hard to see anything other than a very bad night for the blue team which is hardly going to help Sunak’s job security.

I have not been tempted yet but a Johnson for next PM bet might become appealing.

Mike Smithson

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