The pressure mounts on Biden not to run in WH2024

The pressure mounts on Biden not to run in WH2024

His gaffes are becoming a big issue

It does not take long searching on YouTube to find compilation videos like the one above showing gaffes by 80 year old Joe Biden. As we look forward to WH2024 the incumbent’s age is becoming the big issue.

With the President due to make his state of the Union address this evening there’s new polling out which suggests that his hopes of serving a second term are not being welcomed by Democrat voters.

According to the survey for AP just 37% of Democrats say they want see him going for a second term. That Compares with 52% last November.

It is very difficult to argue other than that the 80 year old is simply too old and frail to contemplate a second presidential campaign and the possibility if he succeeded of serving as president until his late 80s.

If he went for it the campaign would be be all about his frailty.

Mike Smithson

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