Can anything shift the polls Sunak’s way?

Can anything shift the polls Sunak’s way?

This week Sunak completed his first 100 days in Downing Street and looks pretty solid to continue there until the general election.

While the latest batch of polls has three surveys with the deficit in teens the overall picture is still fairly daunting for Tory strategists. To maintain a majority the party probably needs a lead of 5% over LAB and that seems a very remote possibility.

The fact is that in spite of two leader changes the polls are dire. As far as I can read it voters have got fed up with the Tories and this has the feel of a GE1997 about it – an election that saw a huge sea change in British politics.

The big problem for the Tories is that they have yet to find a way of dealing with Starmer who continues to widen his leads over Sunak when the best prime minister question is asked. He also hammers Sunak at PMQs almost every Wednesday.

They won’t admit it but Rishi has been a disappointment and has not shown that he has any more appeal than Johnson or Truss.

I think they are stuck with him until Starmer gets his post election call from the Palace.

Mike Smithson

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