LAB extends lead in new “Red Wall” polling

LAB extends lead in new “Red Wall” polling

And Starmer has a net approval lead of 10%

There’s a new poll out from R&W of forty ‘Red Wall’ seats. All but one of them went Tory at GE2019 with the only exception, Hartlepool, being gained in the 2020 by-election.

What is interesting here is that Reform UK, previously known as the Brexit Party, came third in these seats at GE2019 with 6.5% of the vote so almost no change in this survey.

On leader approval, in these seats Sunak is on a net minus 18% while Starmer is at a net of plus 8%. Starmer also has a 10% lead on the “Best PM” rating.

This is all starting to look rather grim for the Tories because the seats were so critical to Johnson’s 2019 General Election Victory.

Mike Smithson

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