Could Sunak face a challenge before the election?

Could Sunak face a challenge before the election?

As I have observed recently one of the big issues facing Rishi Sunak is that he is still struggling in the polls. The Tories continue to be miles behind which if it was to be repeated at a general election would see hundreds of Tory MPs losing their seats.

It was being speculated yesterday that if the election followed some of the latest polls than the Tories would be down to a handful of seats and that the SNP would be the main opposition.

I am very sceptical about this because a large part of the Labour lead in the polls is not down to Tory voters switching to LAB but Tory voters from the last election and now saying don’t know.

One factor that is being talked about a fair bit in the papers this morning is that Boris Johnson has been building up a big income and and the speculation is that he might be gathering the resources to to go for the top job again.

I am sure that this is in his mind that he hasn’t fully come to terms with the circumstances that forced him to resign last year. This is from today’s Guardian

Speculation is now rife that Johnson will use the money coming into his office to launch a political comeback – emphatically denied by his allies – especially with Rishi Sunak failing to make much headway in the polls…This has only intensified after it emerged this week that his office has taken £1m from Christopher Harborne, an investor in crypto and aviation fuel based in Thailand, who previously donated £6m to the Brexit party, now known as Reform UK…But the truth is that if Johnson does want to return to frontline politics then some of the largesse he has benefited from over the last few months may prove an obstacle.

In the betting Johnson is second favourite for next PM at a 10% chance

Mike Smithson

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