Should Rishi support onshore wind farms or oppose?

Should Rishi support onshore wind farms or oppose?

There is nothing like an energy crisis with predicted soaring costs that cause politicians to look at alternative sources which in the past have been a opposed.

It is my view one of the daftest decisions made by the Tories was to impose the effective ban on onshore wind in 2015.

That is now being revisited and the party is divided into 2 camps – those who believe that they should continue to be opposed and those looking to expand available cheap energy sources.

Sunak has been in the former camp but now is being pressured to switch to support.

My guess is that his view will change – in the current context there will be greater political damage not utilising this source than continuing to a oppose it

The UK leads the world in offshore wind which is a fair bit more expensive than onshore

Mike Smithson

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