Some positive polling for Starmer from Ipsos

Some positive polling for Starmer from Ipsos

The best figures for LAB since Tony Blair

I just love the way that the pollster Ipsos manages to dig up historical comparisons and gives us a framework for judging how the parties and individual politicians are doing at the moment. Ipsos, of course, has been polling since the 1970s and has a huge archive of historical polls.

As can be seen the proportion of voters who think that the opposition is ready to form the next government is at 47% a number that was equaled by David Cameron ahead of GE2010.

What it does suggest is that LAB under Starmer has managed to establish itself in a way that under previous leaders it was unable to do so. The Tories have yet to find an attack line against the Opposition leader that resonates and that should be worrying for them.

But there is still ample time left for the Tories.

Mike Smithson

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