Rishi now odds on for the PM job

Rishi now odds on for the PM job

The money’s also going on Mordaunt and Johnson

What a day and, as seemed likely overnight, Truss decided to call it a day and now we have another CON leadership contest with it all being sorted this month.

My guess is that this will not go to the members but there will be an agreement that whoever is a second after the MP voting rounds will pull out and leave it to the one who’s top choice of the parliamentary party.

Last time that was Rishi Sunak with Truss trailing him by quite some margin. This time it is looking as though Penny Mordaunt or Boris Johnson will make it to the final

What happens though if Johnson is in second place and refuses to stand aside? The parties rules are the parties rules and can be changed but it is not an easy matter.

Haven’t been a critic of Liz truss I admire her for taking what must have been a very difficult decision to pull out and resign as prime minister.

Mike Smithson

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