Starmer still strong betting favourite for post-election PM

Starmer still strong betting favourite for post-election PM


Although it is less than 3-weeks since Liz Truss became the leader of the Conservative Party and was made Prime Minister the betting markets are still far from convinced that she will lead the party to victory in the general election.

Although the few voting intention polls since she entered Number 10 have moved a touch towards the Conservatives the party still remains far behind in the eyes of punters as being a favourite to be PM after the general election

Today is a big day with the financial statement coming but we have yet to see evidence that her approach to taxation is going to resonate with voters. Next week’s round of polling could be very telling.

She always gives the impression of being very firm in her views that will not change but given the fact that she was a Remainer at the Referendum and before that a member of the Lib Dems we do know she can make massive U-turns.

Mike Smithson

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