What’s King Charles going to say about fracking

What’s King Charles going to say about fracking

Yesterday, before the sad news about the Queen, the new PM, Liz Truss, was talking about her plans for the UK’s future energy policy a key part of which was about changing the law that restricts fracking.  She said she wanted to lift the moratorium, brought in by the Tories, to get gas flowing from this source in as soon as six months.

This is a subject that the environmentally conscious new King has been very opposed to in the past and has repeatedly made his views known. It is very hard to see how that will square with what the new Prime Minister wants.

Will Truss put that aside for the moment or will she try to continue with her plans? My guess is that she will defer for the moment.

As we all know the new King is very strong on green issues and you can see other potential clashes with the Palace. Truss, on the other hand, is very much opposed to renewables and during her campaign spoke of her hostility to solar farms.

Mike Smithson

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