Starmer takes a 15% ratings lead over Truss

Starmer takes a 15% ratings lead over Truss

As can be seen from the Ipsos chart Starmer has a net 13%+ rating (40% positive less 27% negative )on this measure from Ipsos in a poll carried out entirely after Truss became PM. She on the other hand is on a net minus 2% so the gap between them is fifteen percentage points.

This is just about the first post PM Truss polling to be published and shows the extent of the battle she faces.

I don’t think the Tories should worry too much because it will take time for voters to get used to the idea that the Tories are now led by someone without all the negatives that were associated with her predecessor.

I thought she was quite good at PMQs today though I think her position on special taxes for firms making billions out of the energy situation is going to be hard to maintain. It was based on a principle that she was ready to defend. Good on her

So far we have not seen any post-new Tory leader voting polls. My guess is that there will be one tomorrow.

Mike Smithson

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