Now the big story will be what he does next

Now the big story will be what he does next

Soon to be favourite to succeed Truss?

We have reached another crossroads in the colourful political career of Boris Johnson who won the last election with a landslide majority for his party. The situation of having to leave a job is not new to him and in just about every case he’s been fired for not telling the truth. This latest move fits into that pattern.

On Tuesday several multi-million pound political betting markets linked to him will end and punters should get their winnings or count their losses. These are of course are on those bets relating to his departure and, his successor as PM and next CON leader.

A first indicator of his personal plans could be on whether he decides to remain the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

No doubt new markets on who will succeed Truss will be set up next week and my guess is that Johnson will be the opening favourite in both.

Mike Smithson

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