All in politics should take note of this polling

All in politics should take note of this polling

Over the next months and years I have no doubt that there will be a lot of studies on why Boris Johnson had to step down from being Prime Minister.

Here was someone who proved himself to be electorally very successful. This was first seen in him taking the London mayoralty away from Labour in 2008 and then in his stunning victory in the 2019 general election. Yet at the end of the day he concluded, rightly I believe, that he had to stand aside.

His downside was his reputation for not telling the truth something that he first acquired as a journalist.

It’s a very strong tradition in British politics that you don’t knowingly tell untruths to the House of Common. Some of his statements to MPs in the house about what went on in Downing Street during looked very difficult indeed in the light of other information that became available.

The polling above is non specific to an individual but it suggests very clearly that voters set a high premium on honesty. To my mind this is the best thing to come out of the last few months.

Mike Smithson

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