LAB lead in Redwall seats now up to 15%

LAB lead in Redwall seats now up to 15%

These were the seats, of course, where Johnson’s Tories made so much progress at GE2019 and played a big part in giving him what amounted to a landslide majority.

That, of course, was when Corbyn was the LAB leader and he was a huge negative for the main opposition party.

In the forty ‘Red Wall’ seats that were polled, the Tories won all in 2019 but Hartlepool (which was won in a subsequent parliamentary by-election) with 46.7% of the vote to Labour’s 37.9%. Reform UK, previously known as the Brexit Party, came third in these seats with 6.5% of the vote.

So a GE2019 lead in these seats of getting on for 10% is now, according to this poll, a LAB lead of 15%. That is a sizeable swing,

Mike Smithson

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