Will the delay in voting impact on the outcome?

Will the delay in voting impact on the outcome?

Following Intelligence from GCHQ that the ballots of Tory members could be altered through online interference there’s been a delay in postal ballots being issued.

Given that everything was focused on party members getting their ballot packs at the start of this week I wonder whether the delay could have an impact. On the face of it has given more time for Sunak to overhaul the apparent big lead the Truss has built up.

What has been remarkable in the past few days is how Rishi has stepped up the rhetoric presenting himself as being more right-wing than he is in his bid to get back into the race. It is hard to recall now how for months the former Chancellor was the long-term favourite.

The basic assumption which I am sure is right is that in postal elections like these members vote and put it back in the post within a very short period

My view is that Truss is now so far ahead that it is very hard to see how she can be stopped.

Mike Smithson

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