Yet again the Oxford stranglehold on No.10 continues

Yet again the Oxford stranglehold on No.10 continues

So now we know that the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister will be either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak. They became the names that will be put to the party membership in a postal ballot the result of which we should get in early September.

One of the things about these two is that both of them are graduates from the University of Oxford. This is remarkable because the last time that a graduate of a university other than Oxford went on to win a general election was in 1935.

The the only non Oxford graduates to win general elections over the past 83 years, Winston Churchill and John Major, did not go to university.

Liz Truss who voted remain was president of the Oxford University Lib Dems when she was there might have to do a bit of explaining during the final phase of the campaign. Unlike Sunak she did not rebel against Boris Johnson an action which triggered his resignation. That might or might not be a point in her favour in the coming election.

I think the Sunak camp will be pleased that they are facing her rather than Penny Mordaunt who was second in all the earlier MP ballots.

Mike Smithson

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