17% say BREXIT’s made life better – 45% say worse

17% say BREXIT’s made life better – 45% say worse

Ipsos has a reputation for developing the most interesting questions on which to poll and this late survey is no exception. Six years after the referendum has BREXIT made life better or worse?

As can be seen the proportion of who think the UK’s exit from the EU has made their daily life worse has risen from three in ten in June 2021 to 45% now. Seven in ten of those who voted Remain feel this is the case, up from half last year – and the proportion of Leave voters who say the same has doubled over the same period, from 10 to 22 per cent.

At the same time, the proportion of those who say that Brexit has made their daily lives better has also risen, although they remain a smaller group: seventeen per cent say this is true, up from one in ten in June 2021. Among Remain voters, one in ten now say Brexit has made daily life better (up from 5% in 2021) – while a quarter of Leave voters say the same, an increase from 17% a year ago.

Will the trend continue next year for it seems this is set to become an Ipsos annual polling question?

Mike Smithson

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