Is there a face-saving way Johnson can step aside?

Is there a face-saving way Johnson can step aside?

For someone who likes to be liked yesterday’s booing of Johnson, seen by tens of millions as he arrived at St Paul’s, must have been very difficult to stomach. I’m not a fan of the PM but it was hard not to feel for him as he walked up the Cathedral steps with the cameras on him yesterday,

At the very minimum, this public display of antagonism to the PM will have been noticed by Tory MPs who soon might have to cast their ballots in a secret vote of confidence.

I just wonder whether some of his friends are working on a face-saving way out. The very worst thing that can happen is for the confidence vote to happen that he loses and he has to go to the Palace to resign.

Given that it looks as though Tory MPs are waiting till after the June 23rd by elections to happen there is possibly a little bit of breathing space for a solution to be found.

In the betting a 2022 exit is now the favourite.

Mike Smithson

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