What do Tory MPs think about this?

What do Tory MPs think about this?

This is effectively a change in the way the UK governs itself and it is being made without reference to Parliament. The big question is whether the move to give much more power and make the PM less accountable is going to go down well with Tory MPs. Clearly, Number 10 has made the judgment that it can.

This comes at a time where there is talk of a confidence move on him amongst Tory MPs. Whether there will be the 54 required for a secret ballot to be held is something we will probably find out after the weekend.

In the Johnson exit betting punters make it just a 25% chance that he will be out this year. I rate the chances as being higher but it is hard to judge the mood of the Tory party.

It will be argued that to allow the PM to make himself less accountable is setting British democracy on a dangerous course.

Mike Smithson

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