Johnson needs another string to his bow than vaccines

Johnson needs another string to his bow than vaccines

The above polling from Ipsos-MORI came put over the holiday period and highlights the biggest challenge facing the Tories. Undoubtedly the party has and will continue to get political credit for the vaccine programme but that cannot be the be-all and end-all of the party’s appeal. It is also nothing like as important as it was a year ago.

The NHS with just 21% saying “good job” is increasingly going to be problematic as people with needs other than those related to COVID find that their operation waiting times are even longer than ever. Simple things like getting to see or even get a phone call from your GP have become a nightmare for many.

Interestingly the second most positive area for the Government, the economy, is far less help to Johnson than others on the list because Suank will get any plaudits as he is the one who is rightly seen to be in charge there.

Levelling up might have been a great slogan for the GE2019 campaign but that is increasingly seen as a negative. It raised hopes and Red Wall voters will need more than rhetoric at the next election.

Mike Smithson

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